Davis College Gears Up for Fall Quarter

Davis College has witnessed exciting progress this summer.

A new summer course platform, a comprehensive suite of courses on Introduction to Business, Marketing Principles, and Management Principles, was made available for students to spend their summer learning the foundations of business. The program started in July and will run through August. It aims to provide an essential understanding of the business world, preparing students for continued success in their educational journeys and future careers. Davis College is hopeful to continue offering this platform year after year as well as during the winter holidays to meet student needs conveniently. In the midst of a promising summer quarter, Davis College has been attentively monitoring, maintaining, and expanding its recruiting channels in preparation for the Fall quarter, which starts on August 22nd, 2022. September 5th, 2022 is the official end of the enrollment period. The number of incoming domestic students is anticipated to meet the quarterly goal of 45 students. As of August 1st, Davis College has 16 international student enrollments. This does not include those enrolled in the BIT-Davis program in China. Approximately 6 to 8 students will arrive on campus to take courses in person. To round off the summer, Davis College is preparing to welcome HLC reviewers on campus as the Change of Control process reaches its conclusion. The finalization of this action will be the catalyst for significant innovation at Davis. A number of new programs will become available with the Change of Control taking effect. These programs include Nursing, Data Science, and Electrical Computer Engineering. President Diane Brunner and the rest of the team at Davis College eagerly look forward to the opportunities the future holds. With so much positive change afoot, Davis College is working steadily to continue offering a diverse student body marketable skills and strong connections through an expanded international network and repertoire of programs.

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